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Three Benefits of Training with your Family

01,23,2018-- 9:17 AM

by Stephane D’Amour

Over the weekend, we had an amazing Parent Coaching Clinic, seeing the parents and their child bonding and learning how to train together was something very special to see and experience.

It got me thinking, how many times have you left your house to go to the local gym and have to coordinate  what your kids are going to do at the same time? Or do you have to change your schedule around because “You have the kids at that time”. 

The solution is to simply have your family join the academy and train with you. 

At Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Academy we offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai and KIckboxing classes for all ages. 

So here are 3 reasons your family should be training together.

  • Family time. With busy schedules, activities where the parents cannot participate with their kids without being a coach or part of the team,  etc… It is easy to not spend quality time together as a family. Training in martial arts as a family is a great way to ensure you can spend quality family time. The saying “The family that trains together, stays together” is so true. It strengthens your relationship because you will be learning and going through the victories and challenges together.

  • Everyone is getting in shape. Where else can you spend quality time and everyone in the family gets in shape. Instead of going to your local gym and dropping off the kids at their daycare or asking them to sit on a chair and keep themselves busy playing video games, or watching netflix. Have them on the mat, beside you. It’s an empowering feeling as a parent and for the kids it’s cool that your parents a doing something with you.

  • Everyone is learning to defend themselves. Learn the same curriculum your kids are doing, become their coach at home, help them prepare for their belts tests. As the parent, your learning how to defend yourself standing up (Kickboxing / Muay Thai) or if it goes to the ground (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) while you are also being promoted to your next belt just like your kids.

There are so many other benefits of training martial arts as a family that I could keep listing them. Theses are some of my personal favourites, so what are you waiting for?

Remember: “The family that trains together, stays together!”

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